In July of 2010, Rabbi Dovid and

Chana Katz established Chabad of

West Hampstead.


Chabad of West Hampstead is here

to assist with all and any Jewish

needs - regardless of religious

background, affiliation or financial

status. Chabad of NW6 is dedicated to serve every Jew

with Ahavat Yisrael and unconditional love.


Our broad spectrum of programs strive to ensure Jewish

continuity and identity through increasing Jewish

education, pride, knowledge, practice and commitment.

The Chabad Jewish Centre provides a “Home away from

Home” for all Jews in a warm and friendly environment.


Jewish Life in NW6

According to our research this influx also includes many Jewish young professionals and families who wish to live in an up-and-coming location that has good commuting possibilities to central London.

There are three synagogues in West Hampstead, a kosher fast food place, and a JCC  opened in September 2013.

Generally speaking there is a buzz in the air and a feeling that NW6 is becoming more of a Jewish area.

Our Programs:


Adult Education  
Weekly Classes
Women's Study Group
Lunch & Learn
One-on-One Study
Communal Lectures

Holiday  Programs
Sukkah Party & Celebration
Sukkah & Lulav Outreach
Chanukah Party & Celebration
Menorah Distribution
Purim Party & Celebration
Purim Outreach
Pesach Community Seder
Shmurah Matzah Distribution
Lag Ba'omer Pinic
Shavuot Party & Celebration
Chassidic Gatherings  
Summer Picnic

Children's Programs   
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Instruction  
After School Tutoring  

Jewish Women's Circle  
Monthly Events & Workshops   

Young Adults  
Educational Events

Social Events 


Shabbat Activities

Monthly Shabbat Dinners

Weekly Kiddush Lunch 


Religious & Communal Services

Shabbat Services

High Holiday Services

Brit Mila & Naming Celebrations

Bar Mitzvah Celebrations



Koshering Kitchens

Mezuzah Bank 

Mezuzah and Tefillin Checking


Chaplaincy, Pastoral Care & Counselling

Marriage Prep

Hospital Visitation

Seniors Visitation


Discretionary Fund

Jewish Library

Tourist Services