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Are you looking for something specific in Judaica, or

perhaps a  gift for someone?


Stop by and have a look at our selection - great for hostess gifts,

birthday gifts, and more.


We have a range of selected Judaica items for all occasions - there

is something for everyone. Our collection includes books both in English

and Hebrew, challah covers, washing cups, music cds, greeting cards,

and beautiful paintings.


If there is something specific you are looking for, we can

get it for you - just ask!



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Tefillin & Mezuzot


We can help you choose and purchase a pair of Tefillin.

Tefillin includes several levels of Kashrut. You can rest assured that you are

getting the highest quality Tefillin for each level of Kashrut. Each set of Tefillin is

checked both by computer and by a certified scribe. This can also be arranged

for alongside Bar Mitzvah preparation and instruction.


 The Mezuzah is a specially prepared parchment scroll on which a skilled

Scribe, called a Sofer, has very carefully written the text of the Shema. This Scroll

is rolled up and placed in a case and affixed to the right hand doorpost

of every doorway in one's home, except for the bathroom and toilet.


The Rambam writes that the Mezuzah reminds us of the presence and the

Unity of G‑d, arousing us to love G‑d and walk in His path. The Sages also

tell us that the Mezuzah has a protective power for the family

dwelling in that home. 


Even when one's Mezuzah was indeed properly kosher when bought,

it is important to have it checked regularly. The Code of Law states this

should be 'twice in seven years'. However today, chemicals in the air and other

factors lead rabbis to recommend that one should have them checked

more frequently.


To acquire a Mezuzah or to have your Mezuzot checked,

contact us at the centre or call Rabbi Katz on 07868741235.



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