Join us for Services at Chabad House NW6!





Start your work day off with Tefillin and Morning Prayer services. Services are followed by a short discussion of the weekly Parsha - It will make your whole day feel more spiritual and meaningful. Join us daily, weekly, monthly or to say Kaddish on a Yahrtzeit.




 Sunday 9:15 am  Monday - Friday 9:00 am

 Wed 1:45pm  Monday - Thursday 1:30 pm







  Friday Night

5:30 pm



       7:15 pm 

Shabbat Mornings                               


   9:45 am


    9:45 am 


Following Kiddush


(about 1:15 pm)


Half an hour before sunset - Followed by Seudat Shlishit and Pirkei Avot class 



20 minutes after Shabbat terminates. Followed by 'Living Torah' - a weekly video magazine.

End of Shabbat



Warm up to davening - a dose of of inspiring Jewish mysticisim on Shabbat mornings 9:15 am.


Full cholent Kiddush/Fabrengen every Shabbat 12:15 pm. 


During the summer or holidays / special events, these times may change, please check with us by email

Services and dinner usually held at the Chabad House - 47 Fairfax Road, NW6 4EL.  


Click Here For CKids Shabbat Childrens Service