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Ckids Shark Tank: 

Israel Edition


Date:  Sunday, the 8th of July 2018

Time: 12 - 2 pm 

Cost: £10 per child


Light lunch will be served.


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Israel. The source of so much Jewish identity and pride. But living in another country can sometimes leave a person wondering what he or she can do to help our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land.

On Sunday, the 8th of July children will join forces at Chabad West Hampstead to problem solve and brainstorm real-life solutions for challenges faced by people in Israel.

Teamwork meets creative thinking at Shark Tank: Israel Edition. Children will learn about the impact of three organizations addressing current needs of Israeli citizens, while developing their own one-of-a-kind innovations. Using tools and their imaginations, participants will team up to build their ideas, which will be presented to the sharks.

The event will also launch Operation Protect—a mission focused initiative to keep Israel safe. Kids will make their own mezuzah cases, take on a good deed, and say a special prayer for Israel’s protection.


Ckids Shark Tank.png