Wrestling With Faith


6 Consecutive Wednesday Evenings

Begins: Wednesday, the 17th of October 2018

Time: 8:30 PM 



Most people, even the devout, struggle with beliefs

about G‑d. It is easy, for example, to affirm the basic tenets

of Judaism during a prayer service, but when it comes to

trusting G‑d with our daily decisions, many share a secret,

painful fear that G‑d isn’t really looking out for them.


Many of us have been brought up under the assumption

that mainstream science is incompatible with our Jewish

faith. So when we see compelling evidence for biological

evolution, for example, we feel forced to choose between

science and our faith.


Wrestling with Faith was created to

tackle questions like these—the “big issues” that keep

people from an intimate relationship with G‑d. The course

acknowledges the often unspoken doubts and fears that all

people share, and seizes their invitation for us to dig

deeper for the answers.


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