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NEW! Bar Mitzvah Club




Are you preparing for your Bar Mitzvah?


Feeling curious, overwhelmed, excited, nervous or unsure?

Then this is for you! 


Our pre Bar Mitzvah club will help you understand the significance of this milestone and guide you through the preparatory period.



How Is a Bar Mitzvah Celebrated?

Preparation and Study


You may have been to friends’ or siblings’ Bar Mitzvah celebrations and seen anything from at-home get-togethers to lavish, wedding-style events. It has become more and more common in the last few decades to throw big parties, but it’s important to remember that a Bar Mitzvah is much more than just a party. It's an important link in a continuous chain of religious and spiritual experiences, and the most crucial aspect of this milestone is the impact and long term effect the experience will have on the young man's Jewish identity.

The pre Bar Mitzvah months are a good time to spend learning more about the mitzvahs, and the how’s and why’s of doing them. It’s a time to develop your own personal relationship with Judaism and G d.



There will be 8 consecutive sessions on Sunday mornings


Begins:  Sunday, the 12th of November 2017 


  Time: 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Cost: £120 for 8 sessions


 For more details and to register please email:   [email protected]